Removal of Asbestos

26 Jun

A six naturally occurring silicate mineral is what defines asbestos. The character features of asbestos include being heat resistant, electricity as well as corrosion. However the exposure risk of asbestos is highly toxic to humans. Even though asbestos is composed of six naturally occurring silicate minerals, pure asbestos is known to be an effective insulator. As an effective insulator it can be used in paper, cloth, cement, plastic among other materials to make it stronger.  When asbestos is inhaled its forever encompassed in the body.  Trapping of asbestos in the body results in genetic damage of the body cells.

 When individuals suspect asbestos traces to materials they need to send a sample for testing. There are two major types of asbestos which are; serpentine and amphibole asbestos. The subclasses of amphibole asbestos include the following; actinolite, tremolite, amosite, crocidolite, and anthophyllite while serpentine consists of only chrysotile.  Heavy industry, mining, military service, shipbuilding, electricity generation, construction, and firefighting are the industries to which individuals come into contact with asbestos.  Second-hand exposure results to families living with individuals working in asbestos to get an asbestos-related disease.  Friable and non-friable asbestos materials are the two categories of asbestos materials.

CleanFirst Restoration materials break easily as well as release toxic dust to the air.  Asbestos fibers are trapped in products made when non-friable materials are used. Due to the harmful effects resulted by asbestos, most countries have banned its use.  Manufacturing companies are using alternatives to asbestos as most countries have banned it.  Amorphous silica fabric, cellulose fiber, polyurethane foam, and thermoset plastic flour are the alternatives used in place of asbestos. Cellulose fiber contains cotton, linen, and wood pulp that has undergone chemical treatment.  High temperature insulation for roofing and siding are the functions of cellulose fiber.

Amorphous silica fabric is a form of woven cloth that is of high quality made from pure amorphous silica fibers.  A cheap and effective form of insulation are the distinguishing factors of polyurethane foam. In the construction industries, workers can easily apply polyurethane foam to insulate and seal buildings. The final alternative is thermoset plastic flour which is made of wood fibers and binders.  Hardening is the first step when wood fibers and binders are mixed before fine grounding.  CleanFirst Restoration Asbestos is safely removed by following some steps. 

First of these steps is to wet down the intended material before careful spraying of the surface with water.  Water spraying is still done during removal of asbestos.  The second step is a damping of the sheets to allow cutting of bolts. The bolts are then removed and placed in the asbestos waste container. For further details regarding about asbestos, go to

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